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My mission is to make the legal process as simple and painless as possible while protecting my clients to the fullest degree. My cases involve divorce, custody, child support, property division, and adoption. These types of cases are often emotionally charged, and the last thing a client needs is for the lawyers and "the system" to make their case more difficult. I partner with defense attorneys and personal injury lawyers in Dallas to ensure every angle of even complex cases are covered. 

I believe my clients should control their own destiny, and will use all cumulative resources to help guide them to an amicable and less costly solution to their legal problems. This includes the thoughtful use of collaborative law, mediation, family stabilization programs, mental health professionals and financial advisors. Even so oftentimes an amicable solution is not possible. My skills as a trial practitioner have been finely tuned in 18 years of practice. As a seasoned litigator I have received praise from clients, fellow attorneys, and Judges, for my common sense, straight-forward approach to cases.

Most importantly, the clients have noted that they feel they are receiving personal attention, are being charged fairly, and are being treated with respect. Generally, a family dispute is a painful experience.When it becomes inevitable, at least there is a compassionate, fair-minded lawyer like Janet Denton to guide you through those difficult times.

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